Playing the Lotto

One of the best parts of playing the lotto is the hope that it gives you and today’s tax on the stupid now over 500 million. And since the amount is so high, the office decided to get some tickets as a group. Now, I know the odd of winning does not go up significantly with extra tickets, but it at 500 million, even I become stupid. Yes, with the office, I put in some money for a ticket.

Now, here is where the dreams come in. I mean, I would pay off my debt, and that of my family of course. But what would I do after that? I know I would hit the three places I want to dive with great white sharks. Guadeloupe, South Africa, and Australia would all be hit. Then I know I would do to the Bahamas to dive Tiger Beach. And of course, I would have to take my dive buddy with me. Now, while I may pay for him to go on these trips, he may have to pay for his wife to go on his own. I would probably also go to some racetrack and drive

Would I keep working? I have to admit; I probably would, at least for a little while. I would probably work till I got fired. My interactions with my good customers, customers I like, would not change. However, my interactions with customers who annoy me or tick me off, well, my responses would probably get me fired within a week. I just wouldn’t care enough to be nice anymore.

I know, most people would give their two weeks notice, and I know that I am probably crazy for not. But I would need something to occupy my time, even if only for a little while. And having the freedom to do what I want, when I want to, that is the ultimate dream.

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