Good Characters

The best writers know how to invoke the best emotions. The also invoke some of the worst as well. They make you believe in a character. The make you believe that they are real.

One of my favorite series of novels is “The Saga of the Seven Suns” by Kevin J. Anderson. There was one character, an older woman, who you are introduced to in the second novel. And I hated her. Absolutely hated her. As the series progressed, you begin to understand her. And by book six, you actually like her. She is an awesome character. And then she dies. That’s right, Kevin J. Anderson kills her off and you actually regret her dying. A few months later, I started reading the series again, and when I got to book 2, I hater her again. I had to tell myself that I would like her by the end, but I couldn’t like her at that time. I hated her again. Now that is some good writing.

Now, someone introduced me to the T.V. show “Sons of Anarchy.” And I already hate some characters and love others. That’s what ropes you into a show, good writing, good plots, and good characters. If you are missing any one of those, a show will not be able to continue. You actually find yourself hoping that some characters die, or at least are severely punished. And the same goes for books. The best characters make the best books and shows.

So yes, I am now addicted to another TV show. Add SoA to Doctor Who, Star Trek, X-Files, Big Bang Theory…

Funny, thinking about it, Godzilla disproves most of those. Not good plots, not great acting, and the character you are rooting for is a 100 foot tall radioactive monster. Maybe it doesn’t hold true for movies, or maybe it’s just monster movies.

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