My sister’s cat has been here for about a year now. And I admit, I am growing attached to the little pain in the ass. I’m not saying that I am not looking forward to her going home, but I don’t mind her being here. She’s not the individual who attacks Loki, that would be Angel. And Pips is one moody cat. She can be lying next to you, meowing to be petted, purring away, and then suddenly you are bleeding profusely, claws are dug into you skin, and you are experiencing a pain that no one should ever suffer.

Now, this little fat cat is on a diet, much like the other two. The vet called it the “catkins” diet since they are all on a high meat diet. Funny, the only meat in this house is for the cats, since the one human here is a vegetarian.

Now, all three cats are allowed to sleep in my bed when they want too. It’s easier than fighting them trying to keep them off the bed. Loki and Angle use their ability to jump to jump into my bed. Pips, well, she can’t quite make the jump. In fact, I am not sure I have ever seen her jump. She claws and drags her way into the bed. I can hear it every night, and I do not want to think what she is doing to the sheets. They are probably becoming shredded. Now, the best part of this is that I have never seen her do this. I have only heard it. Even this morning, she was sitting on the floor next to the bed. I could tell that she wanted into the bed, but she kept staring at me. I couldn’t tell if she wanted me to pick her up, or if she wanted me to look away. It was as if she was too embarrassed to have me watch her climb into the bed. So, I picked her up and placed her into my bed. She curled up and fell asleep while I started off my day.

Pips must have some fantastic upper body strength to drag herself into the bed.

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