When I was a kid, I drank soda and sports drinks all the time. However, after my father had a heart attack, I decided that changing my diet would be a good thing. I started eating healthier and I drank a lot less of those sugary drinks, and I started drinking a lot more water. I also started exercising and I lost a significant amount of weight. I was very happy with myself. Then I became a vegetarian, and lost some more weight. I was surprised I could keep up the healthy diet, but I did.

Well, in the last few years, I haven’t exercised as much as I used too, and I have been drinking a lot more soda. I’m still a vegetarian, but the junk food and soda consumption has really been bothering me lately. The amount of sugar I am drinking, all of those wasted calories, I am better than that.

So, starting now, well, starting yesterday, I am cutting back my drinking of sugary drinks. This is my New Year’s resolution, but it is effective now. I am going to limit myself to one soda a week at most. I will bring water with me as much as possible, and if I don’t bring it, I will buy it. I will still continue to drink wine when I want it.

I will also cut back on my snack foods. My lunches that I bring to work are no longer microwavable dinners. I will now bring salads.

I will go back to eating healthier. Now, if I could just get back into the exercise routine.

Maybe next spring when I start kayaking and diving again. After all, no one wants to see me in a wet suit, not even me.

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