Conflicting Meetings

A few weeks ago, I decided that I should have a meeting with my contractors, just to go over where we stand, what they need, what I need, and any help they can give me in getting government POC’s to do their job. We talked about when we should meet, and finally decided on today at ten o’clock. Why did I pick this time? Well, if the meeting lasted more than an hour, which it did, I would not be able to attend my office’s weekly waste of time. So, when I was asked how long I would need to discuss things with them, I said I needed at least an hour and a half. Easily putting me past the usual run time of the offices meetings, where nothing is covered except that they don’t expect us to be RIFed, also known as “Reduction in Force” or “Let Go.”

By the way, bringing up the fact that you do not think we will be RIFed every week, sort of like you did with the furloughs, does not make me feel confident in what you are saying. And if a RIF does happen, I am woefully unprepared for it since I do not know the rules and laws. Maybe have someone brief us on that for a worst-case scenario.

Anyway, apparently in today’s missed meeting, I missed nothing. Well, I did miss one thing. I missed being told that I have to brief the entire office on what I recently worked on or am currently working on, and what I will be working on in the near future. And I have to brief for a whole two minutes. Now, I can do this briefing in about 30 seconds. I currently process funding for the contract, and I will continue to process funding for the contract. And the only way things will change is if I get a new agency or if I get a new job.

I get the feeling the big boss is now just looking for filler for these meetings. No offense to other people in the office, but I really don’t care all that much what you do, and I cannot make what I do sound exciting. I could probably put people to sleep in under two minutes.

I process money.

That’s it.

Briefing done.

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