I had another day at home due to snow. I had another day of being productive. Too bad I wasn’t productive at all today. I got almost nothing done at all, and that’s kind of sad. Honestly, I’m not sure why the post was closed. The weather wasn’t all that bad except when I would have already been there, and the commute home would not have been all that bad either. But I am not complaining, a day home is a day home.

However, I had friends who still had to go into work. One, a government contractor on post, was told that she had to report even though no one else was going to be on post. Assuming that she was told to go to corporate headquarters, or one of their offices, that still seems risky. And, to top it all of, she was sent home with no pay for the day. So, she was made to start to head to work, and after she was on her way, she was told it was too dangerous, and to go home and not get paid. No, depending on how the contract was written, I am pretty sure that the company gets paid anyway since the government closed down the post.

The other one of my friends that I talked to is a teacher, and she still had to go into work. This is a private school, so they made the call to be open. And even they sent people home without pay while the owners, who I am sure will still get their money, did not go in. Have to love private schools. The same private schools who underpay their teachers already.

All this makes me grateful I am a government employee, although, I am the one who got furloughed.

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