Finally Did It

Yesterday, I did something that I never thought I would do. I packed up my “Magic the Gathering” cars and brought them down to the local game store. I used to play this game back in high school. That seems like so long ago, and it was, it was over 15 years ago. I used to play with my friends, but as soon as I left for college, I stopped playing.

I don’t know why I kept the cards, but I never got rid of them. They moved from house to house with me, and I even brought them down to Maryland. I never played again, but I jut couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. I just was no longer interested.

Well, yesterday I brought them all down to the store. Hung with some friends, chatted, and did not play. I had a friend flip through them to see if he thought any would be worth anything. I expected most to be worth ten cents, if I was lucky. I had hopes that some would be worth more, but I never really expected anything to worth all that much.

But yesterday, I sold one card for fifty dollars*. The asterisk is because I sold it for store credit, I was offered forty dollars cash or fifty dollars store credit. Knowing that I would spend more money at that store again, and probably sooner rather than later, I took the credit. More bang for the buck. Today, I am having someone else look at the rest of my cards. I am sure that most will still be worth pennies, but you never know. There might be a diamond in the rough in my collection somewhere.

Now, if I can just find someone to do the same with my baseball cards.

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