It finally happened. After being on the web for just over two months, posting nearly every day, my server was hacked. The hack was pointless, and only caused some frustration, nothing spectacular. Basically, it just told me that I was hacked by a bunch of people who obviously have too much time on their hands. I know it was not just my site that went down; it was all of the sites attached to my server. However, I am not sure that taking down this server did anything special, and I am not sure that my server hosts any sites of note.

So, these people did this just for the fun of it, there was no political agenda at all. They did it just because they could. Well, you all should thank them, they prevented one day’s worth of posting of useless thoughts from me.

Sometimes I understand the agenda of the hacker. I understand why Anonymous does what they do, even if I don’t always agree with their tactics. Now, being on the other end of the hack, I also understand, to a smaller degree, what those who have been hacked go through. Admittedly, I felt it to a much smaller degree since I am not important enough to be hack by Anonymous.

Well, the server was fixed, and my pointless rants are back on the web.

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