Not many things annoy me. Ok, I take that back, a lot of things annoy me, and will probably continue to annoy me, but yesterday two things really got to me while I was at BJ’s getting some shopping done.

When I pulled into the BJ’s parking lot, I saw a car parked covering two spots. You know the type, park in two spots to protect his car from scratches. Now, I don’t mind if they park far enough away that they take two spots that no one will use anyway, but this individual parked pretty close to the store. I will also say that while I understand wanting to protect one’s car from damage, can you at least protect a nice car? This was a Chevy Malibu. Nothing special, it didn’t even look that new or good. So, maybe this guy wasn’t even trying to protect his car, maybe he was just an ass.

The second thing that got to me yesterday was the placement of the shopping carts. They have these areas dedicated to carts so that you place them there and they won’t run away. And it bothers me that people can’t place the carts in these areas they way they are supposed to go. How hard is it to push them all the way into the spaces, push them into a place where they will be neatly filed away? When I can, and when there are only a few carts creating a mess, I’ll actually take the time to straighten them up. But it bothers me that people are so lazy that they can’t push their cart another 5 feet and make it easier on the rest of us. I’d rather not have a cart I pushed around the store cause damage to anyone’s car.

And why do I feel that the guy who took up two spots is either the type of person to just carelessly push his cart into the proper area, or not even push the cart there at all. I guess he could be the guy who leaves his cart in the middle of the parking lot.

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