Delaware Cops

OK, time for a small rant. I don’t intend to rope all of the Delaware cops into this post, because I am sure that most know what they are doing. However, my most recent experiences in Delaware causes me question their training. Of course I am only in Delaware on Interstate 95 (and a little it of 295) for about 9 miles. But I almost hit a police car on two separate occasions. Now, I know, it seems like that would be my fault, but listen to the stories.

On Thursday, while heading in NJ for dinner with the family, there was a car accident near the Delaware rest stop. There were signs warning me and my fellow drivers, but it did not say where the accident was in the road. I decided that the slow lane was probably the safest place for me to be. I saw flashing lights, noticed that they were on the slow lane side of things. I took the first opportunity to move over a lane. The flashing lights were from a wrecker, which was parked on the shoulder. Not 100 feet away from that wrecker was a police car in the slow lane. Parked there. No lights, no flashers, nothing. And since traffic wasn’t slowing down, I would not be surprised if someone hit the car. Now, this was not my closest call. No, that happened a few months ago.

Driving home late at night, I was on 95 again, stuck behind an eighteen-wheeler in the fast lane. No big deal, I wasn’t driving aggressively, and didn’t mind maintain speed behind the truck. Again, it was dark, but I can see signs telling of construction ahead, but again, no signs told where the construction was. All of a sudden, the eighteen-wheeler dives into the next lane over, almost sideswiping someone. Then I saw why. Parked in the fast lane, without lights on again, was a parked Delaware State Trooper. I slammed on the brakes. The only thing louder than my car screeching to a halt was the line of cars behind me doing the same. People were diving out of the lane to avoid the accident. What was this cop thinking parking his car in the fast lane BEFORE the cones closing the lane for construction?

Again, I know not all Delaware cops are this dim. But after 2 bad experiences, I am a little afraid.

In the first case, maybe the accident just happened, and he just arrived. So maybe they haven’t yet put out flares. But the earlier incident? I am at a loss. People could have died. Maybe I would have seen something if I wasn’t behind the truck, but still, a cop would have to consider that when parking in the fast lane before the hazard cones.

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