43 Seconds

Tickets for the Monty Python reunion show sold out in 43 seconds. That’s less time than it takes me to nuke my dinner. I guess I do not have to rush out and finds tickets to London for July. Forty-three seconds. This fantastically funny group put a TV show on the air for 4 entire seasons. Add to that a couple of movies, and you have one fantastic cult hit. My family never got my humor (or my music, or my movies, maybe I am adopted), and they never understood Monty Pythons Flying Circus.

I have one fantastic memory of one of their skits. So, I now bring you story time.

When I was in college, I was lucky enough to take an arts abroad class. It was basically 2 weeks in Europe before the semester started, and was more of a short vacation. On this one trip, I took a bus trip to a few tourist locations including the city of Bath. In Bath, after not eating all day, I decided to skip the tour and run to the pub. I ordered something small and chatted it up with the locals. Behind the bar I noticed a purple Aftershock.

Now, we have aftershock in the states, but it’s red. That’s it. I inquired what it was, and it was a mix of the red and the blue (hey look, it makes purple). Here in the states, we call the blue aftershock “Avalanche.” After almost missing the bus, I returned to London.

Later that night, I joined my friends at a club. Still, having not eaten anything, I went up to the bar and asked if they could make me a purple aftershock. It was good, and it was a double shot. After the first one, I introduced my friend to it and did another double shot. He liked it so much, that he decided to introduce it to his friend, and I did my 3rd double shot.

What does this have to do with Monty Python? Well, one of the few things I can remember from that night is a brief moment of the walk home. All I can remember is talking to one of the women on the trip (and I can’t even remember her name) about the Ministry of Silly Walks. That’s it. I swear. Oh, and she got it! She understood the joke.

Or she was just placating a drunk.

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