One Good Reason

After putting some thought into it, I have come up with only one good reason to have a kid. That’s right, just one. And it is a purely self-serving reason. When I was married, I was indifferent to having kids. Sure, we tried, but not all that hard. But as I grew older, I realized that I didn’t want the responsibility.

Now, I will admit that I like some “Kids” movies. Like “How to Train a Dragon” or “Ice Age” for example. Now, with a kid, I would be able to get into these movies and not feel like a pedophile. Granted, I don’t go to the movies all that often, so I really don’t have to worry about it, but I could go if I wanted.

Of course, the solution to that is to be a godparent. And I will not question my friend’s decision to choose me as a godparent, but that is the solution I have. Plus, not being the parent, I can give the kid back when I am done.

I have even been told that I am good with kids and that they seem to like me. I took my godchild and her sister to the aquarium once, and we had a great time. I do get alone with children, but only in the short term. I like the option of giving them back to the parents.

Maybe kids are like cats, they go right for the people that are allergic to them.

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