Thanks Mom

“If I’m up, everyone is up!” That is the saying I grew up with. I heard it nearly every morning, especially on weekends. My mother said it all the time. She was a morning person. I don’t know if that was a choice of hers, or if it was because of how she was raised. Her philosophy was that if you slept till 9, you lost half the day. She was never very good at math, but you do lose an extra couple of hours.

And now, I unwillingly get up at 6am even without an alarm clock. And that is really tough to do when you have late nights. Regardless of the time I to to bed, I will be up at 6 am, and it is not always the cat’s fault, though they do seem to function as alarm cats. So, if I go to bed at 10 pm or 3 am I am up and about at 6. Now, I may try to go take nap at some point during the day, but that morning alarm clock is ingrained into my head.

There is an upside to that though, when I lose power, I don’t always need that alarm clock to get me up for work. I also get some serious stuff done in the morning. It is great going to Shop Rite at 7 am when no one is there. No lines to worry about. In fact, growing up, there was only one day of the year when I would wake up before my parents, and that was Christmas morning. Of course, I couldn’t sleep Christmas Eve, so I have no idea how I functioned on nearly no sleep.

There is now a rule within my family. My mom, my early rising mom, is not allowed to call my Aunt before 9am. At least someone in this crazy family is managing to sleep in.

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