Talking Cats

I have to admit that I talk to my cats. They very rarely respond, but I do talk to them. And outside of the normal; “Good morning”, “Bless you”, “good girl/boy” and “NO!” I find myself saying certain phrases over and over.

1. “That’s no position for a gentleman/lady” – I find myself saying this to a cat at least once a day. They lie on their backs, stretched out, airing themselves to the world. The comment makes me laugh, and I am sure they they are thinking “leave me alone” or “I don’t see you wearing a full fur coat.” But really, this is not what I want to see, but it still is adorable.


2. “Can I go to the bathroom alone?” – I am sure most cat owners know this feeling. You go into the bathroom alone, and in moments you have a visitor. Or, if you close the door, you have paws reaching under the door. For some reason, once I am in the bathroom, it becomes the place to be. There is a party there, and everyone is invited.

3. “Loki/Pips/Angel, you are in charge” – I don’t know why I do this, but I always appoint a cat in charge of the house while I am away. Usually it’s Loki, I mean this is his house, but sometimes I leave the other cats in charge. And yes, I acknowledge that the house is no longer mine, I am a guest.

4. “Meow” – Yea, I meow back at my cats. I know this drives them nuts. I mimic their meow back at them. I have no idea what they are saying, for all I know I am swearing at them. But, it’s fun to answer them.

5. “What’s the plan for today?” – Yea, I know that their plan is to sleep with steady interruptions of eating and napping, but I ask anyway.

I know I am not the only one to talk to their cats, I mean, I know the rest of the family does as well. If you are a cat owner, or just a pet owner, think of the phrases you say to them repeatedly. Just think about that and what they may be thinking.



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