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This is the blog I was going to post, a blog about a small part of my geekness. Due to a choice I made, and a situation from yesterday, it had to be postponed. Another blog had to take priority.

Tonight, on the 19th of November 2013, I was hanging outside of a Starbucks with a bunch of my friends. I know, I am posting after I wrote it, but deal with it. Anyway, I was hanging with friends and we watched the Air Force’s rocket soar into space. At least, we all assume it was the rocket, cause it wasn’t a plane or a helicopter. It flew in a way that we, all of us in this group, have never seen before. And it was totally awesome.

I once wrote that I have a stargazing mind. And it is still true. I can gaze into space for hours on end. A clear night looking at the constellations, trying to find them and identify them, is relaxing and a lot of fun. I even downloaded an app for just such occasions. Watching a rocket, something designed by man, and what can only be considered a controlled explosion, fly into orbit, or as far as the human eye can see, is awe-inspiring.

I often wonder if we are the only beings in the world. To paraphrase Arthur C. Clarke, The thought of other species existing in the universe is extremely terrifying, almost as much as the thought of us being alone in the universe. Maybe one day, far into the future, the children of this planet will meet the children of another. I do not believe I will be alive to witness this, but I can hope I am.

At least I think I do. If the Aliens races are anything like the human race, we are in a lot of trouble. The only reason I can think for an alien race to come here would be for more resources. And if that is the case, we are all going to die. Granted, that’s thinking in very human terms, maybe they will be beyond that.

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