What Leadership?

I had a blog already prepared for today, but recent events at work have caused me to change my plans. We recently had a training exercise at work, and the exercise was based around a denial of service attack on post. Basically, what would army civilians do if the web went away? And I will admit, I learned some things, but not all of them were good.

1. It seems that if we lose the Internet at work, leadership disappears. I mean, vanishes. They were nowhere to be seen. So, this leads me believe that if the Internet were to actually go down, I, as a government employee, would be on my own. Before most exercises we go over the procedures, in this case, everyone was left on their own to find a way to do their job. And guess what? I wasn’t one of the few to lose Internet, so my day went on as normal, with some extra laughter thrown in.

2. Higher leadership is terrible at keeping secrets. You can tell from the start of this exercise that they knew more than they were letting on. I admit, in the beginning, I couldn’t tell if they knew who was doing the attack, or if it was an exercise, but it was obvious that they knew more than they were telling us. And as time went on, with no real panic, you can tell it was an exercise.

3. Training exercises like this, if it is discovered that it is not real, tend to become just a joke. Nothing more, nothing less. It was actually kind of sad, but since I had the web, I took a perverse pleasure in my friends not having access. I did get most of my normal work done, but we didn’t really learn what we would do if web access ceased to exist.

4. The programmers in the army are pretty impressive. The can actually deny access to the web based on the time you come into work. That is pretty awesome to a non-programmer like me. At least that’s how it seemed. If you logged off your computer the night before, and came in after 8ish, you had no Internet access. We tested this as I left work. I restarted my computer, and lost all access.

5. Again, if this was a real situation, I don’t think leadership would disappear like they did. So, guess what, our real world scenario, wasn’t so real. Unless whatever brought down the internet also killed all of the leadership on post, and in that case, I don’t think doing my job would have been a top priority.

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