Pray Enough?

A CNN article covering the tornados in the Midwest shows one of the many issues I have with what certain religious people say and believe. Now, don’t get me wrong, I find what happened with these tornados scary and a waste of life. However, it was an act of nature, not an act of god.

There was a family who were lucky enough that their street made it through the storm without experiencing much damage and no loss of life. The article said that when they saw the tornado they all hunkered down and prayed and that the prayer is what saved their life. I’m sorry to have to say this, but you got lucky.

If we follow the prayer logic, we now have to assume that no one else prayed, or maybe they just didn’t pray hard enough. Or maybe, all of the people who suffered were evil and deserved God’s wrath. But then, according to the newer bible, the god is no longer a vengeful god. I miss that vengeful god.

I have this odd image in my head. Two sides of a street. A tornado in the middle. Lined on each side the families are praying. And the harder they pray the closer the tornado move to the other side. And the families on the other side, of course, pray harder shifting the tornado back.

It becomes a game. And, don’t these people realize that god is too busy watching sports? I mean, his teams are undefeated so far in the entire history of sports.

I admit, none of these are new thought, and some people are probably offended, and I apologize. But stop seeing god’s hand in everything. If a tornado hits your neighbor’s house, and not yours, you got lucky, and they didn’t. Unless those people are atheists, they were probably praying as much as you.

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