After playing a zombie game one night, after my character didn’t die, an interesting conversation was had. It, of course, revolved around zombies. Zombies fascinate me, they scare me a little, but mostly they fascinate me. I think they are an interesting idea and a scary story if it is told correctly. If the story adds in fast zombies, or runners, the story is even better. What good are the slow moving zombies when I can walk faster than the zombies chasing me? And have you ever noticed how there are almost never any fat zombies?  None of this is actually what I want to blog about, but they are questions to be had.

Now, some people are also just as amazing as zombies. I know people who are actually scared of zombies. Not the bath salt zombies, but the “thriller” zombies. Ok, dancing zombies would scare me too, but these people are actually scared that a zombie apocalypse can and will actually happen. And that is just incredible. Their belief is just unbelievable.

And the irony behind this is that most of the people who are afraid of a zombie apocalypse are safe, since zombies eat brains and these people are obviously lacking in that department.

Then again, I’d be safe too.


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