Weirded Out

The three cats I live with do not get along. Well, I should say, they usually do not get along. On occasion, there are no fights. There is a history of me breaking up fights almost daily as the three of them just go at it. Angel is fighting with Loki. Loki starts fights with Pips. Pips picks on everyone, including me. She is such a moody pain in the ass.  It’s a madhouse here.

However, it’s when they get along that I get nervous. Today, for example, I walked into my bedroom carrying a load of laundry, and all three cats were hanging out peacefully. I felt like I was interrupting a meeting, maybe a planning session. And knowing these three cats, they are plotting against me.

I would like to think that Loki, my cat, would be on my side, that he would have my back. I do not believe this is true, but I would like to think it is. Loki already has a history of trying to trip me up going down the stairs. He has a history of trying to scare me, trying to scare me to death. I am pretty sure that he is plotting against me already, and now he has allies. Maybe I should be happy when they fight amongst themselves, at least then I won’t be the target.

And I am pretty sure that if they had opposable thumbs and could get to the canned cat food, I would have been knocked off already.

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