I just watched a CNN video article about a sudden increase in the prescription of cholesterol lowering medication and how doctors are going to start prescribing these medications more and more often. And this bothers me to no end. Rather than looking at the problem, doctors are prescribing more medication instead. And this seems universal. Let’s just keep medicating. Let’s ignore the fact that American population is suffering from obesity.

This country is fascinated with the quick fix. We play the lottery because we don’t want to work for a living. We use the microwave because it is quicker. Heck, we eat McDonalds and T.V. dinners because it is quicker and easier. And then we wonder why we have health issues? We wonder why our nation’s health costs are astronomical? How about we get off our collective asses and cook something healthy? How about we go for a walk rather than sitting on the couch watching T.V. and blogging? Oh, wait.

Yes, I know, I am also one of the laziest people I know. However, when my father had a heart attack, and when I learned about some of the medical history in my family, did I go to the doctor and ask him to prescribe something? No. I went out and bought a kayak. I started going to the gym. I started busting my ass to get myself into better shape. Yes, it’s a lot of work to keep my girlish figure, but I think it’s better than having to be constantly medicated.

This country is over medicated, and it doesn’t look like there is an end to this coming anytime soon.

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