When I was younger, I never tried anything new. You can even ask my mother, I would only eat foods that I already knew I liked. That was very limiting, but it was enjoyable. Burgers, Meatloaf, chicken fingers, I wouldn’t eat anything new and exciting. And yes, my mom constantly tried to get me to try new things, and I fought her every step of the way.

Then, when I was in college, a weird thing happened. I was lucky enough to take an arts abroad class. I went to Amsterdam, Brussels, and London. And while out there, I tried new beers and new food. I will admit that in almost every foreign country I visited on these trips I had at least one meal at McDonalds, but I still ate mostly the local food. I wouldn’t recommend all of the food I tried. The sausages in Germany were fantastic. The pizza in France that my friend ordered, the one with the egg on it, I hope to never taste again.

When I got back from the first trip, my mom thought the pod people replaced me. I was out and trying new things. And even though she thought there was a chance that I was an alien or a robot pretending to me, she joined me. And now that I have turned into one of those people, a vegetarian, I have to keep trying new things. And all of these new foods make me realize how much I missed as a kid.

And I still remember convincing my dad to go out and get sushi on my birthday. Trying to explain to him that not all sushi is raw fish, which is something I would have believed only a few years earlier.

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