Too Much Information

The last few days I have been told things that I shouldn’t know. To be truthful these are things I do not want to know. Some of it’s personal information that, while I don’t think will get anyone in trouble, they were not always told to me by the person whose potential secrets they were. And that bugs me.

Yes, in one case I was told by a POC that she was going in for surgery. I so wanted to joke, “Are they inserting a brain?” but I managed to keep that to myself. This is a person who probably is under some serious stress, and me joking about it probably would only upset her more. Though, being a government employee, they probably should insert a brain. And this is coming from another government employee.

The other information that I don’t want, I don’t feel I should call out with specifics, but I will say that after I was told I though of taking some ice picks and jamming them into my ears. Maybe that would have gotten the information out of my brain.

It is one thing for friends to be telling me all this stuff. In that case, I want to be there for them. But people who are just acquaintances, I’d rather let the information go. I’d rather not know.

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