Convenience Fees

1. I was writing out a check for my water and sewer bill today, and I realized that this is one of the few bills I still write a check for.  Most bills I pay online. Mortgage, Phone, Cable, almost all bills. So why don’t I pay my water and sewer online? Well, turns out that they charge a convenience fee. It costs a couple of dollars to pay online. Now, I may be wrong, but I would assume this would also be convenient for the county of Harford as well as for me. So, I’ll save the money, pay for the stamp, write out the check, and mail it in. At least I’ll feel like I am keeping the post office open another few moments.

2. I have been thinking about my next vacation for a while now, my next serious vacation. I haven’t been away on a vacation since last October. Yes, I took trips to places, visited family, made a drive up to Canada, but none of those were really a vacation. I want to go dive in the Bahamas so I can swim with Tiger Sharks. I want to go to San Diego Comic-Con. There is so much I want to do, but I keep coming back to diving in Guadeloupe again. It was a great trip, and I had no choice but to turn off my phone for a few days, completely cut off from society. Not to mention, if I go diving there again, I might be able to see Bella. That was one beautiful shark. So, even though I have done it before, I think I will do it again. Next October: Guadeloupe.

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