Begging Day

Today is Halloween. Halloween is now a day where we celebrate children going house-to-house and begging for candy. Yes, these children have to go through the effort of dressing up, at least most of them do. But still, this was never the original idea behind Halloween, but this is where we are now. And surprisingly, I actually don’t mind kids coming up to my house, knocking on my door, disturbing me from what ever I am doing, and asking me to feed them sugar. And the sugar is the key.

I realize these “little” kids are going to go home and eat chocolate and sugar for the next few days. Well, I also assume that their parents will steal some of the candy as well, but the kids will get most of it. And why don’t I mind? Because these sugared up kids will not be at my house. Or even near me. I am not the one who has to deal with hyper children, that is what the parents have to do. And if the parents are smart enough to limit the candy intake of their children, even better! It the poor parents, the one’s who allow binge eating who are going to suffer. And I just love that thought.

On a final thought, I was thinking of when I went trick-or-treating, and what we did back then that is no longer acceptable in today’s society. The librarian at our element school used to bake brownies and give them out to the children. In today’s world, that will never happen. Well, I guess it might, but it usually ends with adults dressed as police officers stopping by that person’s house. And this makes me a little sad. How the times have changed.

I felt I should add this link to a blog of someone who feels the way I do!

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