A Few Days Early

So, with Halloween almost here, I have been thinking about my costumes through the years. I have seen pictures of me as a pumpkin (I think), I have really vague memories of me being a clown, one Christmas play I was a snowman, which has nothing to do with Halloween. But this is Halloween, October 31st, the nigh of all the candy. And while I honestly can’t remember all of my costumes, I do remember some.

I do remember being a headless monster. I wore a very large shirt, arms were stuffed, and one arm was holding my “head.” I had to peer out of a whole between the buttons of a shirt. I have no idea how I got candy, or carried the bag.

I remember dressing up as a woman; I even have pictures of that. I must remember to thank my mother for letting me out in public like that. I will not name names, but a friend of mine did the same, and that is even more disturbing. We were wearing our mothers close, had the wig, and both of us would like to pretend this never happened.

The worst costume I ever wore that I can actually remember was a mummy. This was a bad idea from start to finish, especially since this was a homemade mummy. I don’t remember what the costume was made out of, but I do remember that as I walked down the street, the darn thing fell apart. I didn’t even make it to the end of my street before I walked home, costume pieces being dragged behind me. It was a mess.

And, of course, there is the Star Trek uniform. I wore that so long ago I am surprised I can remember it. Ok, I wore it to a friend’s party during my college years, and the reason I would forget about it is because I was blitzed. Actually, I still have that shirt, and no, I am not wearing it this year.

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