Bite yer tongue

A strange thing has happened since I started this blog. I have started taking time to gather my thoughts, not just react to a situation. For example, over the last few weeks many things have been said to me, emailed to me, texted to me. Statements have been said that have just ticked me off. Angered me. Frustrated me. Pissed me off. Now, Old me would have just reacted, spoke what was on my mind, and I probably would have said things that I may have regretted later.

Lately though, I have managed to bite my tongue, and believe me, that hurts. I have learned to take time in gathering my thoughts. Pondered things and evaluated if what I wanted to say at that moment would have made things better or worse.  I think about what I want to say and how it would be perceived. Would I regret saying these things? In most cases, I know I would. And the ability to blog those thoughts, and then never have the ability to take them, it’s a very scary thought.  It’s a very scary ability.

Instead, I have backed off. Sat back, thought. Take my time. Not react. I have yet to respond to any of the issues. I am still pondering, still waiting. Still thinking.

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