More or less productive

Today’s blog is brought to you by boredom.

I would love to thank the government for actually doing all they can to reduce my productivity. My team used to be nearly self-sufficient. Last year, some new systems that we are required to use, slowed us down. We now had to deal with another organization for at least one of our tasks. Well, thanks to another new policy, more than one of my normal tasks have been taken over by another office.

Now, you would think that this would make my job easier. But this is the government, so of course it doesn’t. It’s actually reduces productivity. By a lot. It now takes longer to get funding onto contract. And because of this delay, I may have to pull contractors out of theater. This wouldn’t be so bad, except, that in a few days, when I actually get the money onto contract, I have to send them back to theater. Which, of course, will cost the government even more money, since it costs more to pull them back and resend them then it would to just keep them there.

We, as a team, used to be able to receive money, process money, and get money onto contract alone. Now we have to keep involving this other office because they “know” what they are doing. Well, how about the fact that others in that organization keep coming to me since I know how to use the systems. How about the fact that since we went to them for other services everything has slowed down. The “help” we have been getting has been noticeably worse then when we were self-sufficient. So, that’s you tax dollars not at work.

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