The high court of New Jersey ruled that the State of New Jersey must start recognizing gay marriages on the 21st of October. It’s about time. NJ is finally catching up with the State of Maryland in terms of equality.


Now, I know that there are some people who truly believe that homosexuality is immoral. If you can make a sensible argument, I am willing to listen, but you will not change my beliefs that everyone should be treated equally. The gays have every right to divorce that the straights do.

However, I will not listen to those who say homosexuality is against god and the bible, and not because I am an atheist. Those who cite the bible as evidence of the immorality of gay relationships and as proof of god’s desires never mention that the bible was written by man. But even that wouldn’t be my main argument. They cite the bible, but when you bring up the fact that the bible also allows slavery, bans tattoos, and does not allow the eating of pork, they usually get angry and start calling you immoral. At least, that is usually my expierence.

So, unless you are going to make bacon illegal, allow the stoning of those who work on the Sabbath, allow slavery, and make tattoos illegal, please shut up.

It’s funny how the most religions people seem to be able to pick and choose what parts of the bible are God’s words, and what parts are just metaphors.

Though, I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind stoning being brought back.

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