I got to admit, I am a creature of habit. Nearly every Friday night you will find me with some friends at Friday’s. I admit, not very creative, but that is where we usually end up. Sure, sometimes we go to someplace else, but at least 85% of the time, that’s where you will find us.

We are there so often that I can usually just sit down and nod to the waitress. She knows that I want a Guinness, a large Guinness, and usually I’ll order the spinach flatbread appetizer because it’s one of their few vegetarian options that I like. There is something very comforting in a waitress who knows what you order. Granted, the first few times I joined my friends I was carded, and I am the oldest of that group of friends. I am older by a couple of years. But now, they know me, they know my order, less effort has to be made by me. And we all know that I am lazy and the less effort I have to put in the better.

All that being said, last Friday we had a new waiter. And he didn’t know my order. I was only a little disappointed, but I was still disappointed. I don’t think I fear change, I fear effort.

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