Pestering People

Ever notice how extremists never have a sense of humor unless it is directed at their opposition? I mean, extreme leftists, tea party members, jihadists, the KKK, none of them have a sense of humor, they never even crack a smile. Well, I assume the KKK isn’t smiling under that hood. I guess they could be like the Joker. But still, no sense of humor.

And among these people who are frustrating me lately, I would have to include the extremist atheists and those super annoying vegetarian extremists.  You eat mean, and you are the worst human being since Hitler or Stalin. I admit I am a vegetarian. It’s a choice I made, and a choice I am sticking with. Yes, my friends tease me, and sometimes it’s just annoying, but usually I can take it as the joke they intend. But those pushy vegetarians, or those pushy vegans, make me want to go back and eat meat again.

And what about those atheists? I am one of you; you don’t need to be so obnoxious. You sound as crazy as that guy who predicted the end of the world three separate times.  I won’t argue that maybe God shouldn’t be on our money, however, do we really want money backed by the promise of our government?

I will also say, those people who are atheists because they are angry with god, are not real atheists. I mean, come on, how can you be angry at something you think is fictional? That would be like me being angry with Darth Vader because he cut Luke’s hand off. Yes, I didn’t like Lord Voldemort , but I didn’t hate him, because he doesn’t really exist!

Ah, venting done.

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