When did it happen?

I have no idea when it happened, but I have become my father. I saw it happening to some of my friends. I saw them slowly becoming their parents, but I didn’t see it happening to me.

When I was younger, I didn’t take care of my cars, heck, I wasn’t even really interested in my cars. So, when I would go skiing, I wouldn’t wash the car when I got back. When I would go kayaking, I would wash the kayak and the kayak gear when I got back, but I wouldn’t wash the car. Maybe I would drive to a car wash after a couple of days, but I wouldn’t wash it. Think if what the salt from the roads and the water was doing to the paint. I know I should have taken care of my cars better.

That’s not even the worst story. I dented my first care on a pole. Not even the front or back of the car. I dented the side of the car with the pole. On rainy days, I would leave all the windows open and flood the inside of the car. OK, I still sometimes leave the sunroof cracked on days that my iPhone says it is not supposed to rain. I swear I check the weather on my phone. Surprisingly, not too much water seems to get into the MINI that way.

And then it happened. Every time I cam back from kayaking this summer, I actually took the time to wash the car. It wasn’t even only coming back from kayaking. Some weekends, I just washed the car. Why? I never did that. I remember as a kid my dad washing his massive Jeep. I remember him changing his own oil. And guess what, I have been doing that too. I find myself running out, buying the oil and the filters, putting the car on jacks, and changing my cars oil. When did all of this start to happen? When did I start caring about my car as much as my dad did?


At least I still have my mom’s sense of humor.

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