Sometimes I wonder what my hobbies say about me. I mean, looking at four of my hobbies, Kayaking, Skiing, Diving, and Warhammer, I can see certain similarities between them.

When I go kayaking, I usually go alone. I paddle us a stream, out onto a river, into the middle of a bay, all with no company. Well, usually with no company. There has been one or two occasions when I had company. Even when I go ocean kayaking, the most dangerous kayaking I do, I usually go alone and early in the morning when there are no lifeguards. Ocean kayaking is the most recent reason that I had massive dental work done. I don’t go river kayaking, not because of the danger, but because I don’t have the training. And once I get the training, I’d probably do that alone too. And that’s just stupid.

I usually go skiing alone as well. Now this is risky, and even I’ll admit that. If I wasn’t with company the last time I went, I have no idea how I would have gotten home. I fell, bad, and probably got a concussion.  I never got it diagnosed, so I can’t be sure. I’ll still go skiing alone, but I know, it’s risky. The view of that fall from the outside had to be funny as hell, I wish I could have seen it.

Diving is a sport that almost forces you to go with a friend. And you should go with a friend. If something goes wrong in 60ft of water, you want someone there to help, or help find the body. If something were to go wrong, say your tank suddenly ran out of air, it’s nice to know you have an emergency line to breathe off of using your buddy’s tank. But, when you are in the water, you are basically alone. As I covered before, when you are under water, no one can talk to you, except through hand signals.

And now, Warhammer. This hobby almost forces me to interact with people. Yes, most of the lobbying can be done alone. The building, painting, priming, and list building can all be done with no one else. No interaction required. But to actually play you need an opponent. I guess you can play a game by yourself, but to actually be competitive, you need another living being.

And that’s what I noticed. Almost all of my hobbies can be done alone, but you are almost forced to interact with the outside world.

And my wine drinking? Alone, that would be alcoholism.

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