Mason-Dixon Line

I have now been living south of the Mason-Dixon line for almost three years now. I can’t complain, I made some new friends, I like my house, I have a job that pays well, when I’m not furloughed. The pizza is disappointing, but the Indian restaurants I’ve been introduced to more than make up for it. And there is always the Kilt. All this being said, I may have been down here too long.

I am not an uber conservative, gun toting, country music listening redneck. But, I find myself drawn to pick-up trucks now. I mean, nearly everyday I see my friends bright red Toyota Tundra. It’s massive. And I find myself wanting one.

I, however, should never be allowed to drive a truck. I’ve had my MINI for almost 10 years now, and I love the car. And while the MINI is the smallest car I have owned, the largest was a 93 Ford Thunderbird. The MINI is the size of the Thunderbird’s door. I love small cars. I know how they handle. I drive a small sports car like one should drive a MINI. Aggressively.  Shifting in the middle of turns, squealing the tires, and having nothing but fun.

If I drove a truck the way I drive the MINI, people would die. I would most likely die. The truck would be sideways, upside-down, doing cartwheels, be all over the road, and be doing things that a pick-up was never meant to do. And me parking a tuck? With the MINI I can just zip into a spot. And I don’t have to worry about parallel parking. If I need to parallel park, I can just pick the MINI up and carry it into the spot. A truck though? I would cause a lot of damage, possibly even to near by buildings.

Yes, I know, “You could adapt your driving.” I don’t think I could. And if my mom is scared to let me drive now, she would be down right terrified of me behind the wheel of a truck. In fact, she may never even come to Maryland to visit me out of fear of me being on the road.

I really must consider getting that truck.

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