Heck of a Day

Today was a heck of a day. This government shutdown is now affecting those contracted to the government. Actually, it was already doing that, but now it is affecting the contract I manage and the people I know.

It is actually a perfect storm of problems causing all of these issues; new Contracting Officer, new contract, no congressionally passed budget, and furloughed government employees. In short, the contract I am managing, and have for 8 years now, is being stopped except for a few (2) lucky projects. I have never seen this happen before. I know I should keep this from getting personal, but that is 4000 more people being furloughed.

All day I was contacting my government points of contacts, begging for money to fund projects. These are the same people who 2 weeks ago I told had till 1 Nov to send me funds, but that date was counting on a CRA or budget from congress. I emailed everyone I knew, called every one I could, begging and pleading for money. I know that them sending me money for the contract is also in their interest, but I did not care about that. I care about the contractors getting furloughed. I guess I care to much about the contractors.

I was on the phone for hours, with people from Massachusetts to Arizona to Florida.  Every person I could think of involved in this contract received a call from me. I was a highly paid beggar. I circumvented high ranking personal to contact their lowly budget people. But all of this was to no avail. This contract has been shut down, contractors sent home. Four Thousand people are about to start collecting unemployment because there is not enough money to be had.

All that time on the phone, and not much got accomplished today. And I hate talking on the phone. I have been known to ignore messages on my phone for weeks at a time. You need to get in tough with me, email me. I wonder if congress worked this hard if I would have had to.


And to end today’s blog, a complaint. What idiot planned a “Climate Survey” today? A day after I got back from being furloughed.  A day when I am still not sure when I am getting paid. A day I spent begging for money. Only a couple of days after I was forced to attend a town hall during year-end. To paraphrase my friend (http://jeffreytharp.com), if I said how I truly feel right now, I’d probably be arrested.

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