Poor Sebastian

Recently two of my best friends, if not my two best friends, were involved in a car accident. They came out ok, but their vehicle, named Sebastian, was totaled. I have a couple of fond memories of Sebastian, and figured a few of them should be shared for the laugh.

1. The Wine Festival: A few years ago, there was a wine festival at Heritage Vineyards. Now, when my friends and I go wine tasting, it becomes wine drinking. In fact, by the third tent, I can no longer trust my likes and dislikes, mostly because there are no dislikes. When I get home and start drinking the ones I “liked”, there is a good chance that I no longer like the wine, in fact, I may even find it disgusting.

Anyway, at this tasting, I ended up getting buzzed, blitzed, drunk, wasted, NOT SOBER. Once we staggered back to Sebastian, I crawled into the back seat, laid down, and stuck my feet out the window (you know, prepared for a nap).  My one friend, and not one of the ones who own the truck, who just got done napping himself, started to tie my shoelaces to the door handle. Now, the laces wouldn’t reach, so he asked me to slide my feet closer. And me, in my drunken state, even knowing what he was doing, obliged. Yes, I allowed my friend to tie me to Sebastian. This story ends with me falling asleep at a Chinese restaurant right after ordering dinner, never eating my food.

2. The Hockey Blizzard: Again, a few years ago, I decided to treat my friends to a Rangers vs. Flyers game in Philly. Me being a Rangers fan, and them being Flyers fans, I thought I would be safer. Of course, I should have realized these are Flyers fans, and even they couldn’t promise that they wouldn’t kick my ass (well, Bill did on the ride there). At the game I think they felt sorry for me as everyone below the age of eight were making fun of me and my Rangers jersey. And after the Rangers won, I think they were afraid for my life. If a fan risked the blizzard to get to that game, you know they were die-hard fans.

After the game, blizzard still going, we thought it would be a good idea to drive to a friend’s party. In a blizzard. Dumb. Before we left their place, I was dragged behind the truck like a water skier. On the road, we passed multiple snowplows and slid off the road. If you ever see snowplows that slid off the road, it’s time to turn around, time to go home. In the amount of time it took us to get to this house, we could have driven to Virginia.

I have a lot of fond memories of that truck. Of Sebastian.

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