Unemployment Claim:

So, Yesterday I filed an unemployment claim for the first time since I worked for the Government. Last time I was furlough, all of three months ago, I was not allowed to file since I was unemployed 1 day a week. This time, I am allowed to file a claim, I am allowed to get unemployment.

I would like to thank the members of congress for not doing one of the few jobs that they are constitutionally required to do. The U.S. Congress could not pass a budget at all last year, all they could only agree on a ”Continuing Resolution Authority” or CRA. This type of act requires the government agencies to continue spending at the previous years levels. So, basically, they couldn’t even do their job at all last year.

I wonder what would happen to me if I were consistently late doing my job. Or, if for one year, I just didn’t do it. I know I am a government employee, but I am pretty sure I would still be fired. It is somewhat nice to be able to get stuff done during the week, but I would much rather be getting paid.

I remember I was once told that at least a government job was safe. I wouldn’t get rich, but it was highly unlikely I would be laid off. So much for that.

I did, however, learn that Daytime TV sucks.  At least I am getting my blogging done early in the day.

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