All in a name

Day two of the Government shutdown.

A recent CNBC survey asked American if they support “Obamacare”. The results showed that 46% of the people surveyed said they opposed it. Not a big surprise here. Obama care is controversial.

However, those same people were then asked if they supported the “Affordable Care Act”. What were the results this time? 37% are opposed. What??? No wonder why congress can’t get anything done. The people who are electing their officials don’t know the facts. These two acts are one in the same; and yet, people oppose one and not the other.

To top it all off, when the act was broken down to these people and each of the provisions were explained individually, most surveyed actually support most of them.

I will admit, some of the same people who support “Obamacare” opposed the affordable care act. What does this say about the American voter when we don’t even know what the politicians in Washington are fighting over. You can tell, some of these people only get their news from Fox (or the Clinton News Network, I mean, CNN). Get the facts people! Don’t believe everything Fox or CNN tells you. Dumbasses.

All I can do is sit here and sigh. I have always said that the Republican naming convention is one of the best in the world. The Patriot act, one of the worst bills ever written, let alone passed, had the best name of all time. If you voted against it, you were unpatriotic. Lets forget the fact that the issues we now have with NSA are legal thanks to this law. The president can now start a war without going to congress (he can go ask congress after boots are on the ground). The bill gave too much power to the office of the president, and no president since Jefferson (And for those of you who don’t know, He was the third president) has been willing to give up power. It all started with the Louisiana Purchase, and will like never stop until either we become a Monarchy, or actually start voting people who deserve to be elected.

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