Twiddling my Thumbs

So, thanks to ineffective leadership from our executive branch, and a legislative branch that couldn’t finds it’s ass with both hands, I am now stuck at home with my three cats, which are probably wondering what the hell I am doing home.

Now, they are saying the government is shutdown. Well… that’s not exactly true. It is mostly shut down. There are civilian at work now, and who will be at work for the rest of the week regardless of what the idiots in Washington do.

How is that possible? It’s actually possible for a couple of reasons. One, it turns out that some money covers two years or three years. If an organization’s employees are paid through these funds, they do not have to stay home.

Two, some organizations have carry over funds from the previous year. Now most organizations that fall under this category are also exempt from being sent home. I have to say most since my team is funded through this means, but I am home.

Three, some employees are too important, or their jobs are too important to be sent home. Well, some people were just declared too important.  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure some of those people are that important, but I am sure some are not. I am sure, some of those “essential” employees could be out for a week and no one would notice.

If everyone who was being furloughed, why would the Director require us to put up an away message? Wouldn’t everyone who would email me also be out? So here I sit, not collecting a paycheck, pestering my cats, thinking I should be watching the news to know if I have to go into work tomorrow.

Eh, if I do, someone will call me and tell me. Hopefully.

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