Diving is a fantastic hobby to have, providing you are not claustrophobic. It can be expensive if you buy all the equipment. Wetsuits, BCD, Dive computer, weights, air tanks. You need all of these, and more to go diving, but of course you can rent them.

It is also a weird hobby to have. You are both completely alone and completely dependent on someone else. I’m not going to lie, I love my down time, and I love spending time away from everyone. After suiting up, and lugging all of the equipment to the dive location, there is nothing like sliding into the water, even if just to cool back off. That wetsuit is brutal when it is hot outside, but you need it when you are in 50 feet of water.

And once you are in the water, it is fantastic. The only thing you can hear is your own breathing. Yes, you have to deal with pressure changes, and those popping ears are just annoying as they pop every 2 feet. But the quietness, the peacefulness, it is incredible. No one around to bother you (usually other divers are respectful). No annoying calls. No texts. Completely cut off from the world above. You are at peace.

However, there is the chance that something can go wrong. And if it does, you need your dive buddy, and you are dependent on him to help you. You need the dive buddy. You cannot dive without him/her. Well, I guess you can, but it is not recommended, even by me.

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