Not a Morale Boost

OK, I understand that you have to have some meetings. And I also understand that you may have to attend some of these meetings in one’s career. However, I have a few issues with today’s Town Hall.

1. Time of service awards – Yes, I understand, completing your 35th year working for the government is an achievement. I won’t say huge achievement, but it is an achievement. It deserves to be recognized. But 5 years? 10 years? That feels like, hey, you kept showing up, and we want to acknowledge that. I do not see the big deal, and for those sitting in the audience, being forced to sit there and wait for you to get a 5 year acknowledgement… not really helping my morale. Hell, I don’t even want my 10 year certificate. Also, thinking about it… Hey, you’ve been here 5 years. You are pretty low on the totem pole if we get a RIF.

2. Friday. Seriously, who schedules a meeting on a friday afternoon. Most workers mind is on the weekend already, admittedly, mine was on the weekend since Monday, but on a friday? When a significant portion of the work force is on AWS? Not a lot of thought there.

3. After lunch. OK, fine, you are going to schedule a meeting after lunch. Foods settling, food comas are set in. Whatever, I can handle the after lunch. However, add that to it being a Friday? And some of have to leave early cause it’s our short day.

4. End of year. This one takes the cake. I can’t imagine the lack of thought that went into scheduling a meeting at year end (and then making it mandatory). Congrats, you just cost the government more money. Admittedly, my contract work is mostly done, so I don’t need to stay late, but I am a lucky one. You have people working through the weekend trying to get remaining funds onto contract. Now you are taking 3 hours out of their normal day and they are going to have to make up those hours somewhere. Guess what tax payers, they are working this weekend for an extra three hours.

You combine all of this, and you have one angry employee (way to boost my morale). They are lucky that they told me I can’t work overtime, I had to leave mid meeting. Lucky for them, and lucky for me. I don’t think my career could have handled me asking which idiot made this meeting.

Judging by the snoring in my one ear, and the gum chewing in the other, I can tell that the people behind me cared about what was being said.

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