Renting your name

Couple of random thoughts…

1. I have to admit, it feels weird having the URL of I mean, you are basically renting your own name. And making sure that no one else uses gets the privilege of using your name. Not that any one would want Brian Janeczek, just learning to spell it would take years. Sometimes I still get it wrong. And the amount of times I get emails starting with “Brain”. Ok, I understand getting the last night wrong. But really? Brian?

2. Super spiders. Today, while out for a walk during lunch, I walked through what can only be called a super web. It was one strand, but as far as I can tell this spider connected a building and a tree that were 15 to 20 feet apart. It was thick and super sticky. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I ran into another one at another part of the campus. And at least 7 other people hit the same web. It must have been entertaining on the outside seeing all these people randomly stop and react to some unseen thing. I did not scream like an eight year old girl, only because I haven’t seen the spider. Yet.

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