Weird Day

OK, had a weird day at work today, and have to make some statements about it.

1. I don’t mind you teasing me, making fun of my hobbies, heck, I do that myself a lot. However, if you are going to use my geekness to make fun of me, please use the correct terms. Two friends were talking about an email, and one, complaining that she didn’t understand what was in the email said that she was going to need me to translate, since it is all kumquat to her. Kumquat??? Klingon! Klingon is the correct Star Trek reference. And I cannot speak more than a few words… I mean, damn. Too late.

2. I can make myself feel so stupid sometimes. Today, for example, I read that 93% of American cannot name the first four presidents. Now, I can name the first 4, but I tried naming all 43 (it’s 43, not 44). I got up to 27, but sadly, I couldn’t remember the names of presidents that I read the biographies I read, Like Grants. I couldn’t remember Grants name! Then, I tried naming all 50 states. I got up to 46, no repeats. Couldn’t, for the life of me, remember the last 4.

3. I had a hard time getting my mind on work today. Not a big surprise since you read this far. I can’t even pin point when it started. I got a lost of work on in the first few hours, but as the day wore on, I could’t keep it up. I couldn’t get my mind into the work. By the end of the day, I was testing my knowledge in Klingon and US States… Not the most productive use of my day. Especially at year end.

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