My Kids (ok, two aren’t mine)

So, after the last post, and after the wake up call I had this morning, I figured a post about my kids, my crazy roommates, would be a good follow up.

This morning, at 6:45 am, on a Sunday, my alarm cats went off. I guess I wasn’t waking up fast enough for Loki. He was on my chest, purring loudly, nosing my chin. This is a Sunday! I can sleep in and did my best to. But, I guess, the cats had other ideas. Angel (name does not fit her personality), jumped onto the bed. Purring. Now this normally wouldn’t bother me, except, Loki and Angel don’t get along.

So, within moments there was a fight. Loki was still on my chest! The only loser was me. There was cat hair and blood everywhere, blood was mine. So, needless to say, I was now up. Go to feed the cats, who are of course under my feet (I guess the possibility of food will make the cats get along). As soon as the food is down, they all start chowing down. They take three bites, and stop! What the hell? I had to bleed and all they wanted was a morning snack?

I remember fighting with my sister a lot when I was younger. But we had nothing on these cats. At least Loki isn’t going to lock Angel out of the house.

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