Make em laugh!

I’ll do almost anything for the laugh. Embarrass myself? Sure. Tell funny stories of things that happened to me? Of course. Do something stupid to get the funny reaction? All the time. I love to get people to laugh. I am not trying to get attention, I am trying to get that person to laugh, chuckle… heck, even a small smile.

I know I get my sense of humor from my mom, and I am very grateful for that. She’s as warped as I am, and we can always get each other to chuckle. Now, she has more tact than I do. I will be the one laughing at a funeral, probably because I thought of something that happened in the past. And I will tell that story to anyone there willing to listen. Yes, probably not the most… correct thing to do at a funeral, but it is one of the best places to get that laugh.

I once heard a quote, it went something like “Always be able to laugh at yourself, cause if you don’t, you might miss the best joke ever told”. I try to live my life like that. I can find humor in nearly anything, and my humor may be badly timed, inappropriate, or just plain offensive, but to me, it’s funny.

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