So, I love the cold. Love it! Hate heat, love cold. You will hear me complaining all summer long about the heat, humidity, and just my general miserableness. However, in the winter, I will never complain about the cold, the snow, the sleet. OK, I’ll still complain about my general miserableness, but I will not complain about being cold.

I always figure that I can add clothes. Hey, I’m cold? That’s what a sweater is for. I can always add my bad religion hoodie to my outfit. Heck even indoors, I have no issues wearing a hoodie. In bed? Add more blankets.

So, it’s finally cooling off down here, and yes, I have my windows open, even at night. Now, last night, apparently my roommates thought it was too cold. And by roommates, I mean my cat, and the two I am housing thanks to hurricane Sandy (that bitch).

I went to bed last night and climbed under my sheets and 2 heavy blankets. I was happy. Next thing I know, I feel a heavy thump. My sisters fat cat curled up onto me. OK, no big deal. A few minutes later, something jumps on my back. Hey, its Loki, my fat cat. Fine, this is a little odd, and hasn’t happened since I got the two squatters. A few minutes later, Angel lays across my legs.

OK, now we are into uncharted territory. These three cats do NOT get along. They have their own fur coats. Why is the fact that my house is 60 degrees bothering them? Now, after I fell asleep, I don’t know what happened. I woke up to my alarm clock. I wasn’t bleeding. And only Loki was in the bed (not on my back).

Everyone survived the night. I guess there was no fighting. I’m just glad that these cats can’t reach the thermostat, I’m afraid what they might do.

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